We Grow Vertical Markets

Media X Group (MXG) focus is to grow vertical markets through innovative web portals in energy, automotive, and social networking

Energy News & Jobs

Energy Focused Portals

Nuclear Street is the premiere destination for nuclear professionals in the global nuclear power industry. Nuclear Street offers industry news, buyers guide, job listings, databases, and more.

  • NuclearStreet.com
  • RenewableEnergyStreet.com – Coming Soon!

  • OilandGasStreet.com – Comin Soon!


Auto Enthusiasits

Fueling Car Passion

Are you a “Car Person”? What makes a “Car Person”? Passion! You are passionate about cars and love to share pictures of your cars, talk cars, rate cars, and dream about new cars. Car people unite…and they will be on MyDreamGarage.com!

  • MyDreamGarage.com – Coming Soon!
  • CarZones.com – Coming Soon!
  • VoltHead.com – Coming Soon!
  • Top10Garage.com – Coming Soon!

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